Parametrice this

hello, anybody can help¿ I attach an image, at the begining we only have the five lines in the left and the vertical ones. I wanto to draw the blue line. It comes from the intersection of the five lines with the verticals but moving down to the new intersection the diagonal ones. I mean I can do it five times doing it with componentes but I want to parametrice it because I could have much more lines. Hope I coul explain myself. Thanks

I think you forgot the image

I did edit it to paste it. Thanks

Are the red lines fixed rotations from each other or is each a different angle?

It could be different angles, in this case is the same but it could be different.

nobody knows how to do it? Thanks anycase

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Also, corporate.


try this. Requires Anemone. (16.3 KB)

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Thanks, i really tried it a lot without anemone and I could not get it, i will try with anemone, thanks a lot

Also works with a list of numers for the distance.

the last one requires anemone?

? Both scripts are the same. Both require anemone.