Parametrically Dividing a Part of a Circle and Removing It

"Hi there,

I’m working on a project in Grasshopper and I need some guidance on manipulating curves. Specifically, I want to define two points on a circle curve and adjust their distances dynamically. Additionally, I’m looking to remove the segment of the circle between these two points while retaining the rest of the circle. Can anyone provide insights or suggest approaches to achieve this in Grasshopper?

Hi Elnaz,

There are many ways to do this. You can split the curve with specific distances with real world units like MM, or reparametrize the curve where the start becomes 0 and the end becomes 1.

You can then sort the curve segments to select the shortest or longest arc automatically.

Check the attached file with a few examples inside. (18.1 KB)

Hi Michaelkret,

Thank you for your vivid answer.

How to Create U-Turn Channels in Grasshopper for a Capillary Microfluidic Chip Design?

Now, I need to create U-turn channels similar to the ones shown in the attached image. Should I use polylines to create these U-turns, or is there a predefined pattern (like sin(x) function) to achieve this in Grasshopper? is it possible to parametrically adjust the number of u-turn channels and dimension?

  1. Define height and width of polyline

  2. Perform an Linear Array

  3. Join and Offset Polyline in both directions