Parametric Horizontals Angled

Hi All,

I am helping my girlfriend in the thesis project and she created a parametric using grasshopper. She create horizontals on top of each other with a small gap in between each one and she needs to angle the edge of the horizontals, so when it rains water can easily slip. I attached a screen shot. I did it in another 3D software as an example of how she needs it

. Thank you!

I did not get what the question was. But this is the same as what you have done so far. This time in grasshopper with the parameters. (10.8 KB)

thank you for your reply. Hopefully this will this explanation will help better. I attached the working file of the actual shape. All the sections of this shape need to be tilted outwards by 2 degress or so (similiar to the previous comment posted)

Shape.3dm (167.3 KB) (11.8 KB)