Parametric design output

for my hyperboloid design where the analysis is done on Karamba, I have three parameters (base radius, top radius and angle of shift). I want to get the analysis output of every combination of these parameters ( base radius ranges from 0.5 to 2m, top radius ranges from 0.45 to 2 m and angle of shift ranges from 60 to 120 ).
Please note that I cannot share the .gh file.
Hoping for a result. Tried galapagos and octopus , but the results are according to the inbreeding and not every possible combination.

if this is the very same topic, please do not create duplicate threads

sure. couldnot find the original thread thats why. deleting one

not sure how this will work in the overall context of your script - since you’re not providing it - but i’d first discretize the domains and create three lists of all possible combinations of values (15.3 KB)