Parametric curve between two points

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

Where red is controlled by graphmapper. Both points are on a z slider value and can move up and down.

I’m not sure how to do it. Do I start by creating a line, dividing the curve and scaling the points in Z? Or is there a way to create a curve directly based on the graphmapper shape?


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Depends if you really want to use ‘graphmapper’ or not. There’s basically a bunch of ways to do something, so ultimately depends how you’d like to get what result you’d like to get.

Yes, I am trying to do something like this

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This is basically right but it doesn’t seem like the mapping is fully correct:

at least, i don’t seem to have control over the ending tangency.

Here’s the internalized definition (6.9 KB)

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That’s interesting. I’m just not sure if the mapper is the best component if you want the ending tangency…

There might be a way to make a tangency constraint. But might need some other approach.

This is interesting:

I was doing a little searching and this is something similar maybe:

maybe useful in terms of ‘construction geometry’

Since you want to have control over the ending tangent of the line, how about using the standard Nurbs Curve component?

By changing the position of the green edit points the curve and tangent can be controlled.

I put the edit point on a circle to easier illustrate the concept. (14.9 KB)

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I’m missing a plugin…

I did not use any plugins. But all component previews are turned off!

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Hi @ct.rhino

Using @Wessel definition you can achieve what you want my moving the points that make the nurbs.

by the way @Wessel there is some plug in in there:

image (5.1 KB)

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