Parameter Node - Improvement Request

Hi guys,

I have started to use parameter node quite often lately. But I have one improvement (sort of) idea for the node. Let me show it in a case:

I have started by selecting the Wall Base Constraint parameter. First I selected Model category, then Walls and finally I selected Base Constraint parameter.

Then I realized I actually needed Top Constraint. But when I right click on the Parameter component, it doesn’t show what it is and I have to start all over. First select Model category then Walls and finally Top Constraint. I know it is not much but it just makes me uncomfortable :sweat_smile:. I am expecting to see the parameter I selected but cant :slight_smile:


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I usually query 1 of the elements and use Inspect or the Query Elements Parameter, from there the key can be used downstream or internalized.

Or you can search the Built-In Parameters

I know I can use Built-In Parameters but there are multiple parameters with the same name. Using parameter node comes handy because I can filter parameter from up to down.

I added this to the next release.



You can switch to “Daily Builds” channel from the Options dialog and test it now if you like.

Keep in mind that files you save with a Daily Build version may not open on a previous version, so please do backups of your files.


thanks @kike, It works just as expected.