Parameter input keyboard shortcuts missing

Already wrote about this and there is also a YouTrack item for this issue:

I am writing about this because:

  1. This seems to be a simple fix, with a very large benefit.
  2. The current YouTrack description is not 100% correct.

On YouTrack it says: “…require enter or space to complete.”. The situation would actually be a bit less cumbersome if it was even possible to complete the shortcut with Space. However, currently it only works when pressing Enter. This is a big difference, since one always has to lift his/her right hand from the mouse just to hit Enter.

This become even more cumbersome, when you want to e.g. change the WireDisplay for some inputs in GH. The fastest way to do it, is to do the following:

RMB, W, Left, H, Enter

compared to on Windows:


To work fastly those shortcuts are really useful. I made a small video comparison showing the difference (I did it as fast as I could on the Mac version and was 2-3x slower…)

Thanks a lot for your work guys!

Best wishes