Parakeet current version is out

My version of Parakeet is out. Trying to import the new one but I am not sure how to do it. Can you help please.

From here:

Watch the video mentioned at the end of the instructions if you still have questions.

Note: you will want to delete any previous version you have installed first.


I managed to install Parakeet following your instructions, thank you, but when I log in again, it’s not there and I have to reload Parakeet again. How do I make it stay in?

I don’t really understand what you’re saying. This happens when you exit and re-start Rhino? Or when you log off Windows and log back in? Are you on a work or school computer?

When you go to the menu in Grasshopper and select File → Special Folders → Components Folder

You see the Parakeet files in the window that opens?

Have you unblocked the files? (right click on the filename, select properties, and if you see the unblock box check it and click ok)


There is no “Unblock” see the screenshot. I am able to drag Parakeet into the Grasshopper screen and it loads it, but when I turn off the computer and at my next work session I open Grasshopper , parakeet is not there and I have to do the same thing again… (drag it into the GH screen to upload it).

You are dragging the Parakeet file from the Windows Explorer window and dropping it on the Grasshopper window? This should not be necessary at all.

What folder have you placed the Parakeet files in? It should be in this folder (if you’re running Rhino V7).


For Rhino V6, I think the location is:

C:\Users\ YourName\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\6\Libraries


Thanks Kevin for your help. SO silly of me, I did have it in the wrong folder.