Pancake 2.0 Release

Hy @gankeyu,

I would like to import a .obj model (containing materials) using the pancake importer. When I use the “import to document” I the materials are added, but when I use the “import from” node I can not read the attributes using Human or Elefront.

the model imported with “import to document” looks like this.

I will upload a newer version of Pancake later today or tomorrow to address your issue while fixing many bugs. Will notify you once I publish the new version.

I apologize I have been too busy with projects and hasn’t got the chance to update Pancake for quite a long time.



you may use the latest 2.5 version on food4rhino.

Right-click the component and enable “Output Rhino attributes”.
Human’s component is directly supported. Some work needs to be done to support Elefront.

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Hi @gankeyu

That was quick! Thanks a lot! It works.