Package Manager Mac


Where are all plugins installed in Rhino Mac when using Rhino Package Manager?
I cannot find the packager manager folder.

The list command will tell you where the packages are installed.

"/Applications/Rhino" list

Why do you need to find the install directory?

Thanks it worked.

I am trying to get compile OpenNest C++ for mac. But first I need to learn how to use mac computer. I wanted to add dylib file to test in rhino.

By any chance could you help me to resolve this issue too?

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I have additional issue considering package manager.

I have a Mac and a Windows compiled libraries with C++ compiled MAC .dylib and Windows .dll.

Since C# PInvoke decorations are different depending on OS.
How you would distribute a package?

  1. Create two separate YAK repositories
  2. There is a yak option to have files for two separate systems
  3. Or there is another way?

You would build two different “distributions” of the same package version, one with --platform mac and one with --platform windows.

See also the note at the end of the Creating a Rhino plug-in package guide.

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Thank you