Package Manager - Error Loading after update

Dear Rhino developers,

I have noticed that after update of my plugin, Rhino asks for restart to make changes. However after restart new plugin fails to load since old version is already loaded, most likely because its panel was open during end of previous session. When I close panel and restart Rhino new version loads sucessfully.

Is there a way to automatically identify during for eample OnClose will my plugin try to load new version after update from package manager so I can automatically close my panels?

My panels are registering during OnLoad. Maybe I should shift registration to command effect instead?

Rhino 7 SR15


Hi Łukasz, I tried to reproduce this but I didn’t see any errors. Here are the steps I followed…

  1. Open Rhino and install HullShapeAssistant v0.2.8090-beta.
  2. Restart Rhino and agree to HSA EULA
  3. Install HullShapeAssistant v0.2.8102-beta
  4. Restart Rhino and agree to HSA EULA

I did notice that after installing a new version of the package and restarting Rhino, the “staged” .rui file gets loaded, not the one in the newly installed package. Are you following the guidance to check the version numbers and removed the staged .rui file during OnLoad(), as described in “Creating and Deploying Plugin Toolbars”?

Dear @will ,
Please between point 1 and 2 open HSA panel and check again.

Yes I am following @dale guide for staging toolbars.

Still no errors. If the panel is loaded and I restart Rhino without installing a different version of HSA then the panel will be there when Rhino opens. If I install a different version and restart Rhino then the panel disappears and needs to be opened again.

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You are right Will, I also cannot reproduce it again. I most probably had directly opened package folder which created access issue.

Thank you Will for confirmation. There is no issue.


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