Pachyderm Ray Tracing Calc Error

Hey @Arthur ! I first would like to thank you for your incredible plugin! I am however having consistent issues with the Ray Tracing module as it has been giving me two consistent errors the first being:

“1. Solution exception:Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: ‘Convergence_Progress_WinForms’.”

I believe this error occurs when there has been multiple instances of the calculation program that pops up when using the Ray Tracing Module and disappears when I reload the file. I am curious if you know a way around this error? I have tried to quit the processes for the popups using task manager and then re-enabling the Ray Tracing module but that hasn’t worked. The only thing that has is saving and reloading the file every time. Any insight would be incredibly helpful!

When I am not getting the above error I am receiving this error:

“1. Raytracing operation failed. This can be due to an unsuitable scene object. For example, did you set materials on all layers referenced by Rhinoceros Geometry?”

I originally received this in quite a complex model I was trying to acoustically analyze so I created a simple test file following the tutorials by AREA only to receive this error again. I however opened up the reference files: “Open Office” and “Office Noise Display” which had no issues opening and running. Super confusing but it leads me to believe that I haven’t assigned the materials on the layers correctly? Which is odd as I followed the tutorials (the file is in meters) and now with no apply material button it is done automatically as I selected the layers and changed their absorption coefficients. Please let me know what I am doing wrong it would be incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for this plugin again, and for your time!


Jack Ironside (19.4 KB)
PachyDerm_TestFile.3dm (196.8 KB)

Hi Jack,
Sorry for the delay. It has been a busy couple of weeks, and Serengeti isn’t usually where I handle support calls, but I would like to do it more. I need to figure out a workflow for it.
I don’t think there is an issue in Rhino 6 or 7 with doing multiple simulations, but just in case, you might try it with a specific number of rays instead. This will prevent it from pulling up a windows forms convergence plot, which seems to be what caused the issue. (Just right click on the raytracing component, and click “Trace Specified Number of Rays”).

We are moving on to Rhino 8 pretty soon, so I will stop supporting the older versions of Pachyderm. If you like, I can share the Rhino 8 version with you for beta testing.