Pachyderm acoustics with MOEA in grasshopper


If anyone is able to offer some assistance it would be great. I’m predominately using pachyderm with grasshopper as I am using multi-objective solver (Wallacei) to perform calculations. The aim is to determine what type (none, absorption, or diffusion) and location of acoustic treatment is needed to improve the acoustics of a given room.

I’m running in rhino 6 at the moment as it seems more stable for the plugins at this point in time.

In order for Wallacei to search for the best fitness I need to be able to divide wall surfaces up into small panels and vary the pachyderm material type on each cycle to find the optimal type and placement of acoustic treatments. I can’t work out how to link material information from the rhino pachyderm interface into grasshopper, and then assign it to different objects to allow wallacei to run its search. I can see some details in the ‘room’ component about assigning layerID to particular materials, but I don’t know how this relates to geometry that is generated within grasshopper (no rhino base)