Output not displayed as a list in TextBox Human UI

Hi all, I am trying to display results of multiplication of a long list with a number. But at the output, it is only displaying one value. Why is that?

My File and screenshot are attached here.
OutputDisplay.gh (25.6 KB) !

you need a component that can display a list to display a list :slight_smile: The textbox only displays one value at a time. You could join your list into one comma-separated value with “text join” (“0, 697500, 1395e+6” etc) or you could use a more suitable output component like a label, or a list box. The Text Box is really intended for OUTPUT rather than input… is there a reason you want the user to be able to edit this value?

I tried to use “list box” but the user can not copy the text from the displayed results in a list box. I want to make the user able to perform some further calculations on the output displayed as a list in Human UI by copying it and pasting it in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word or Notepad etc.

Is there any solution to it?

ListBox.gh (29.1 KB)

What about something like this image

copy-to-clipboard.gh (8.5 KB)

just uses a little c# script to copy the value to the clipboard.

Your idea is good but it is only copying one value whereas I need to copy the entire list and past it in Excel or Notepad as a list.

What else we can do?

You could join the values with a carriage return with “text join” and use the same script to copy it

@andheum: Wow, Thanks a lot for the guideline. It is working now!

By the way wishing you a very happy anniversary of joining this community :slight_smile:

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