Outline / Centerline of a Wall

I am trying to get centerline of a outline in a collection of 3d walls.

So far I was able to the following.

![Screenshot 2023-09-13 131403|494x498]

Screenshot 2023-09-13 131505

How could I “flatten” if horizontally, to get just one centered outline?

Any help is welcomed. Thanks

Hi @arqueiro ,

For single, orthogonal (single line walls), this is a quick method that should work…

Graph Space:

Model Space:

Hope this helps!

20230913_Wall_Centerline_Response_01b.gh (19.6 KB)

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Hey Michael, thanks for your reply, I need an outline of the shape in the center. like the image below.

![Screenshot 2023-09-13 133227|210x449]


Ahh I see,

How about this?

Graph Space:

Model Space:

20230913_Wall_Centerline_Response_01c.gh (21.9 KB)

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Thanks again, I guess I am missing a plugin here.

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Sorry I’m using Rhino 8. Replace that with the R7 native Area component and you should be good to go! I’ll upload an R7 version additionally one moment.


Here you go @arqueiro , this version should work in R7.

20230913_Wall_Centerline_Response_01c_R7.gh (22.5 KB)


Worked like a charm. Thanks!

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Wonderful, glad to hear that and happy to have helped!


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