How to get center lines from bounding box?


I’m a beginner for grasshopper with Rhino 7.

I’d like to know how to get center lines from a bounding box using grasshopper like below example.

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this could be one way (11.4 KB)

Thank you for the quick reply with a solution. It really helps and I’ll study on that. :slight_smile:


Another way:
bounding box (111.1 KB)

Another way:

Box center lines (14.6 KB)

You can use U,V,W parameters (14.7 KB)

Yours seems like it would be the fastest way, computationally, right? Like for 10000 boxes, my use of the area component on each face might be a bottle neck?

Logically yes

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Hello All,

Thanks a lot for the solutions! All the solutions will be helpful for me to study Grasshopper.

Grasshopper must be an attractive tool and I’d like to study it more deeply.

Thanks again!