Outer contour curve from mesh

Hey guys,

I imported a mesh into grasshopper based on a .stl file.
Now, I would like to capture the outer contour of the mesh by a curve.

Do you have any idea how to do this?

Thank you in advance,


If you’re referring to getting the naked mesh edges as polylines, there are some examples of this here: Get Internal Naked/Open Mesh Edges

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Unfortunately, this is not what i was looking for.

In Rhino there is a option calles “Mesh Outline” (Curve - Curve from Objects - Mesh Outline) that gives me exactly the contour of the mesh.
As of yet, i could not figure out if there is a similar module in grasshopper.

It could be make2d component that you need or contour ?

No, i just need the contour of the mesh.
Attatched you can find an image of the mesh.

By choosing the mesh and using “MeshOutline” i receive this:

In order to be more flexible, my plan is to do the entire work in grasshopper. Therefore I am looking for the right module or module combination to receive this outline curve.

Use Mesh Edges

Dear Laurent,

this is exactly what i was looking for!
Big Thanks to you!


It does though, MeshOutline appears to get the naked perimeter and project this to (some) plane:

180509_MeshPerimeterToPlane_00.gh (154.0 KB)