Other way of Duplicate data

Hi I would like duplicate two line like in pattern below (important is also path in this “duplicated list”).
Standard duplicate doesn’t give me right name in list, it just give me correct number of data (names is also important for me).

Thanks a lot.

check some tutorials about grafting, flattening, …

combineData_00.gh (6.7 KB)

Concatenation will combine the text.
Check the Icon at the input (graft) this will put each element of the list in a single branch (path). (EDIT: Access via right mouse button on “Fragment a”.)
Now this tree will get combined with the list as expected.
(check the difference if you only graft input Fragment B)

to get the desired data structure again a flatten (data will be a single list) and then a graft (each element on a branch) will do the trick.

Also check the right button menu of the panel / text field. Make sure Multiline Data is unchecked. ( a linebreak will indicate a new data-element)

Thanks a lot!
It was my first post on this forum.
This community is just awesome! :slight_smile:

I’m learning GH for ~1 year now and sometimes I just dont get how to prepare right data format to later use (In Sofistik software). This “prepare format” is sometimes nightmare for me :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot once more.

you’ re welcome, happy to help. kind regards -tom