Ortho on the z axis in the perspective view

How do you get ortho to function on the z axis in the perspective view?
I can’t seem to find the key that works.


Hello - see ‘elevator mode’ here:




Isn’t there a key like the shift key, which works on the x and y axis? For instance What if I wanted to draw a line vertically from any given point ? or wanted to revolve from any given point straight up the z axis. I’m not seeing this with elevator mode. Am I missing something?


Hello - Elevator mode can certainly be used in both these examples, but both Line and Revolve have built in command line options to force a vertical, so it should not be necessary.


Thanks, you’re right. I’m thinking of a situation where gumball can’t do it either. Or can the gumball center be changed relative to the object?
How would elevator mode work on let’s say a truncated cone that’s tilted a bit on its bottom edge and from that point rotate it 3 D on the z axis?
Or from any other point on it?

Paul, would 3D rotate work in that case? —Mark

Pascal and Mark

I’ve figured it out. Yes Mark it works in rotate3d.

Thank you for the tip.


Now I can’t seem to get a z axis in rotate 3d from the point I choose. I can start elevate but it keeps making for the start of the rotate axis.

I’m having a hard time seeing what you are trying to do. Could you post a file?

I’m trying to work more in the perspective view without having to change views. In this file Im trying to 3D Rotate the truncated cone and cannot create a z axis for the rotate starting at the bottom point.Rotate Cone.3dm (57.4 KB)

Hello - plain Rotate always uses the CPlane ZAxis… I’m not sure what you get by using Rotate3d here.


gumball can be configured to be relative to the object rather than world XYZ