Orientation of Dimension

Hi there,
I’ve got kind of a strange thing going on here.
I’m rebuilding the superstructure or doghouse of my boat and took some measurements to fair the surface in Rhino before producing new deckbeams.
Don’t worry about the knuckles in the surface, I’ll take care later when the Grasshopper definition works.

I created a surface from points from Rhino in Grashopper and made cross sections as can be seen in the screenshot. The Dimensions are selected in the screenshot.
The weird thing is happening in the dimensions of the vertical distances on centre line. While all other dimensions are vertical the first one is oriented the wrong way as obviously the first line starts the other way around. But as all lines are created through the same command through the same surface, I don’t get the mistake. I also tried to turn around the first section face Layer “Schnittflächen” in Rhino without any change.
Thanks for any help!!

Superstructure Forum.3dm (18.5 MB)
Doghouse_Forum_2024-03-06.gh (39.7 KB)

If someone has a better method to show the surface curvature with less power ressource intensity…
Maybe even without grid but fluent colours along the surface… ?

Hi @BauerNaval ,

I don’t have time at the moment to dig into your script but I can say the following things looking at your screenshot and reading your brief.

  1. It looks like you have a lot of repeated or very similar code blocks happening in your script. I see that you are using grafting here and there but really anything running through a similar function can be handled with a single node set as long as you have good data alignment and that will help the computation time as well.

  2. You are indeed correct that the line/curve direction effects the dimension direction

  3. Are you saying the dim text is on the wrong side on the first dimension or that that dimension in particular is at an angle and it should be vertical to match the others?


thanks for taking your time.
I know there are lot of similar functions going on. It is grown quite a bit and all the components serve different pzrposes. Maybe there could be something improved, but that’s not the problem.

About your last point:
Yes, you got me right.
There are several dimensions highlighted in the screenshot.
The one not vertical belongs to the same function, results from the same component.
All the lines belonging to the dimensions are vertical as they should. Just the first one on the left is oriented the wrong way. The lines start at the start point of the cross sections.
The section surfaces for the cross section curves are made in Rhino as the distances are not equal. I tried to rotate this planar surface, but the result stays as is.
Can’t get the reason why the first line starts the other way and how to fix it as a flip would also flip the other lines and the dimensions would not be vertical anymore.
The surface of the superstructure is made from points, creating curves in GH and then a loft.
There’s no weird turn in the loft surface, so the problem shouldn’t be there.

If the dimension is zero, it should show zero or could it be that it flips itself because it doens’t what else to do?

Doghouse_Forum_2024-03-06 Edited v0.gh (40.1 KB)


Great… Thank you. Quan Li

Doghouse_Forum_2024-03-06 Edited v1.gh (59.1 KB)

Thank you again…
the vertical dimensions were the right ones, the first one diagonal is the wrong one.
Didn’t take a look at the changes you made yet.

Is there a way to get rid of the mesh net? Meaning not showing it.



So easy…

Hi there,
could someone help again, please?

I’m trying to sort out the point with the lowest X value ( 0 ). But the sort list component doesn’t do what I want.
Tried all options I can think of. Using X vector, deconstruct point, both at the same time, using K or A results, plug in the vector into K or A, …
What am I doing wrong?
Lists are hard to learn …
And of course I have seen several tutorials on YT. But I couldn’t figure out the difference.
Sort List.gh (18.7 KB)

Sort List.gh (19.1 KB)

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Thanks Dan !! …
So easy again…