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Current issue is a new feature in Rhino 6, which automatically rotates annotations. Apparently there is a button in the annotation settings but I can’t get it to work. I don’t want Rhino to rotate any of my annotations. I need certain annotations to be aligned to an edge and the plane required to generate text paired with its orientation would do this perfectly. It also works inside Grasshopper, but as soon as I bake geometry, some flip an rotate.

Someone please tell me how to switch this off. Thanks


I’m using Rhino and Grasshopper to design climbing walls. Before I spend the time and money to 3D print models, I prefer to generate modeling sheets which I can print on paper. Cutting and gluing is some sort of meditation too.

The unrolled models contain metadata such as panel angles, edge lengths and crease angles. Fabtools did the job in Rhino 5, with the ability to unroll text dots together with geometry. However in Rhino 6, Grasshopper doesn’t display text dots as nicely as in Rhino 5. Standard text component in Grasshopper lacks an output. So I’m using Elefront. This sounds like a compromise, however I’m more and more convinced its a leap forward…

What I was struggling with the last 2 days is rs.UnrollSurface with following geometry, since Grasshopper or Python doesn’t output lists. Well, I found a user object but in the end wasn’t satisfied. I end up sorting and filtering data like in most other projects with more than a handful of parts and derived geometry… It’s a huge relief when it finally works…

Huge thank you to @AlanTai of Elefront!

PS: a great improvement for your text component would be an optional setting whether the output should be text, curves, surfaces or solids. Same for the actual Grasshopper text component, it needs an output and choice of type…

Thanks again, everyone :heart_eyes:


The setting is in DocProperties>Annotation Styles - for each annotation style, uncheck “Orient text towards reader when viewed from behind” in the Font section. You might then want to save these settings in your template file(s).

Otherwise, you can also use this script I developed (thanks @lowell) to do this on the fly to all the annotation styles in any document. Put it on a button or alias…

DisableAutoTextOrientation.py (173 Bytes)

The TextObject command outputs curves, surfaces or solids. They are not editable as text of course.


Mitch, this orientation setting doesn’t do anything.

I tried it with a fresh file based off a template in which I unchecked the option on all my annotation styles. On my screenshot you can see colored content in grasshopper. This is my unrolled geometry with annotations. I extracted that one 4° overhanging face. Once I bake this stuff half of my annotations flip. I can not finish everything in Grasshopper efficiently since the whole modeling sheet is more complex than just a cube. Means I’m not previously unwelding any edges. However, all panels and their annotations are grouped so I can quickly move and rotate things in rhino and then print, cut and fold.

My comment towards the text component is about the standard text component available in the display tab in Grasshopper. I’m aware nearly anything can be coded. But what’s the point here? Let’s say you want to engrave text. Not just one text on one object but a few hundred different text objects on many different breps. It would be amazing if the native Grasshopper component could do that.

Mitch I think I’ve seen a Text script of yours a while ago. I might have to go that way? As mentioned, there is a Text Contour component in FabTools which wouldn’t be necessary if there was a native text command with full capabilities.

Post edited since one of my issues wasn’t really an issue thanks @qythium

That last issue has nothing to do with the Text contour component itself, just convert the contours into boundary surfaces before extruding:

Downloaded the latest service release today and figured out that text and annotations created in Rhino do not flip, so the button in the annotation settings actually does work.

Next test was the native Grasshopper Text Tag 3D component. Same here. Baked text out of this component does not flip.

The file only has three annotation styles and in all of them the Auto rotate is deactivated.

Text baked out of the Elefront Define Text component however still flips when I rotate it. So what’s the deal here? @AlanTai can you figure this out?

I will modify Elefront to include dimension style as input for text. This will likely solve the problem.

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Problem solved!

Thanks Alan for the latest Elefront update!!!

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