Orient improvement: Undo

When I use Orient with Copy=Yes I often experience that I sometimes click in the wrong spot due to snapping. It would be great if I could Undo the last Oriented Copy while still being in the command instead of having to go out of the command, delete the wrong positioned object, start orient command again select the correct reference points again and then click on the correct position and continue.

I see the Undo as an option popping in the command bar after the first copy has been oriented, similar to when you start drawing a polyline the undo option pops up after the first point has been placed.


Yes, please! Always struggling with missnapped copy when orienting multiple copies. +1

I’ve got that down as RH-47799.


Same happens for the regular “Copy” command. Always annoyed me that I can’t ctrl+z undo a wrong copy without exiting the command, deleting it, and doing copy again.


Yep, +1 for that one, too.