Orient block error

place block in tangent to curve, but still have some situation that the block is not tangent to curve.

place block error.3dm (16.9 MB)
place block error.gh (18.7 KB)

You can calculate the cross product between the z-axis of the plane of your circle and each tangent vector, to get a third vector for each curve point that is orthogonal (?) to the two others.
You can then use this new vectors and the corresponding tangent vectors to construct the base planes for your next step more accurately.

There’s also the HFrames (“Horizontal Frames”) component, which does exactly this, but it’s good to understand the cross product and how to do this manually!

place block error 2.gh (22.3 KB)

the xporod component still did not create a more accurate frame, see image here, that frame does not follow the tangent of curve

The wrong plane origin points are plugged in!

Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 14.16.58