Can I refer grasshopper commands within grasshopper?

Hello everyone! I am building interactive hull design (shell of a boat) so that with sliders I can change its length, width, side curves, fillets etc.

I was wondering if it is possible to refer to the commands that influence change (length, width etc. - I have them in the form of sliders) so that I can have a “panel” of commands in one place instead of them being scattered along the code as shown in the picture.

I know they will have to stay connected for the code to work, I was just wondering if there is a way to reference to them through a different command so I can have those different commands in one place and manipulate hull change from one place.

I would be very grateful for your help ! :smiley:

RCP plugin might get you there:

Not sure if there’s something more recent or a native way to do it.

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Super! Thank you very much for your help :smiley: !!

One option if you want to work inside of grasshopper is to move your controls to the left side of the canvas, and add some wireless parameters connecting to the the necessary inputs.

And I believe remote control panel is built in to grasshopper.
(18) Grasshopper 101: Organization | #07 Remote Control Panel - YouTube

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The Telepathy plugin can also be helpful with wireless connections, and keeping things organized.

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Thank you loads for an answer. I didn’t really know what parameters are wireless which i could implement in the code to do that but the remote control panel does all I wanted :smiley:

Thank you loads! It works really well. Thank you!

And if you like this idea, you can have better productivity by using Telepathy as already recommended by @ssommerv

RCP and telepathy works perfect for me :smiley: thank you all for help!

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