Options wish: guided tolerance values and simplified tolerance settings

Hi UI-devs,

today a customer called, _ChamferEdge doesn’t work. I’ve found the problem, the absolute modeling tolerance was set to 1.0. Sometimes I also have customers who think setting the tolerance to very small values make better models, e.g. 0.000001

Also people think the absolute and angle tolerance settings are equally important. As I understand it, absolute tolerance is used everywhere and has an importance of 99.99%, where as angle tolerance is just used in 2-3 commands, and has an importance of 0.01%. :wink: As I remember right from years ago, Mikko found the angle tolerance settings just used in 2-3 commands.

So, I would have some wishes here:

  1. Warn the user with some exclamation marks, and a explanation text, when the absolute tolerance value is not between 0.01 - 0.001 for mm. I would define internally a list of tolerance settings for the important units, mm, cm, m, inch…

  2. Remove the angle tolerance setting completely, and add it to these 2-3 commands, where it is needed.

  3. cosmetic wish: write e.g. Millimeter, not units

I think layout units should be guided and simplified the same way.

Thank you for your time


Hi Pascal,

please can you take a look, I think this/my message was overlooked.

Perhaps I have written too much annoying text. :wink:



Hi Michael - I believe that .01% was the old ‘relative tolerance’ setting, which is gone now. The angle tolerance is used a lot in Rhino.


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Oh I remember that. Yeah angle tolerance is pretty important…or at least I notice that the default of 1 degree is big enough to cause problems finishing up shelled and filleted models, like it really shouldn’t be that sloppy by default, 0.1 seems to work fine.


The math is the same whether the units are specified as mm or feet. The choice of absolute tolerance should depend on the size of the smallest features in the units being modeled. The usual advice to use an absolute tolerance between 0.01 and 0.0001 is independent of the units selected.

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