Optimization result does not show convergence


I have tried to use different optimization plugins in grasshopper to optimize a simple room with lamella shading regarding the daylighting level and glare, thus UDI and DGP value.

The climate is set in Denmark, and the variances are the rotations, the numbers and the size of the shading panels.

However, using both Galapagos and Opossum, my result did not show any convergence.

This is the optimization result of DGP from Galapagos.

This is the optimization result of UDI from Galapagos.

This is the optimization result of UDI from Opossum.

Could it because of the climate? Does anyone have any suggestions?

I appreciate your time and help :smiley:

Thank you.


Based on the MD-graph (the middle square one) you only have three sliders with only 7, 5 and 4 unique states each. That means there are only 7 \cdot 5 \cdot 4 = 140 possible states for this room to be in. This has basically turned into a Brute Force search. So since every possible combination has been tried, you’re guaranteed to have found the best one.

Hi David,

Thanks for your answer.

You mean that because of the small numbers of variations, that my optimization is turned into a Brute Force search, therefore, no tendency of simulation result convergence.So it’s more likely a batch file which stimulates those combinations automatically.

By checking those crosses, I would be able to find the best solution. Right?


The topmost capsule in the capsule display list (bottom right) will show you all the genomes in your selected generations, sorted best to worst. So just select everything and then pick the topmost capsule to find the best overall solution.

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