OptiCroSec Component crashing during Galapagos runs

Hi there,

I find that whenever I try and do a truss optimization like your example (modified gh file posted below) and include the cross optimizer my grasshopper crashes. Do you have any idea why this is the case? Just wondering why the croSecOpt fails so that I can prevent it earlier in my GH file. I tried only allowing it to run when displace and utilization were low, but it still seemed to fail.

Any help would be appreciated thanks,
03_Optimization_TrussDiagonals_OPTCROSS.gh (43.1 KB)

Hi @mskepasts, when i open your script, the cross section optimisation works. Have you tried to optimise using only the analyse component?

Which version of karamba are you currently using?

Hi, @matttam thanks for the reply. I am running 2.0.0. So when I run my script without the cross-section optimization component it works fine. It is just when that component is included. How long did you let gala. run? I find that it only fails at specific solutions (i.e. the gala. sometimes doesn’t find the solution that breaks the program). If you up the initial pop. it should crash (at least it does with me).

Hi @mskepasts, testing with 1.3.3 version shows no issues. The 2.0.0 is still in development so we cannot guarantee that it works. Please try it with the 1.3.3 to see if it still crashes.