OpenNURBS build issue

Edit to add this paragraph: I have no opennurbs build issue… nice and clean. This was a reply as an attempt to help someone else who wasn’t able to build opennurbs (definitely second-tier type help since it’s a different version of VS but after a week and a half of the OP struggling with it I thought it might be worth offering).

I spent a month trying to get the SDK to compile: never did get that to work.

With what I learned, though, I got opennurbs (all 9 projects) to compile in VS 2022 in an hour or so.

The community edition of VS is free. If you’d like, I can somehow get you a copy of the working VS 2022 solution directory which is a few months old at this point. I didn’t make any major changes- just a few things like turning off precompiled headers and adding a 2019/2017 dependency or 5.

Hi @Nathan_Bossett,

Not all that helpful with the issue at hand.

If you’re unable to build openNURBS with VS2019, please begin another thread and provide details, error messages, etc.


– Dale

I’ve found it helpful to compare what works with what doesn’t. I said that I was able to build OpenNurbs in VS 2022 although not some other McNeel tools and would be happy to provide the working source directory with VS files for OpenNurbs.

He’s been trying for ten days now and noone was able to provide a packaged fix so I thought any kind of lifeline might be helpful.

I’m sorry if that isn’t your workflow and I’ll go away from the thread… if I were on the other end I’d have probably considered it helpful and said “thanks, I’ll take a look at that and compare to what’s in my non-working VS 2019 directory even though I can’t simply load up the file and hit build”.