OPENNEST won't work help me please!

i just want to nest each group of breps(sometimes a group of one brep) in their own sheet that i created for them with bounding box it keep giving me error please helpppppp (341.9 KB)

OpenNest works fine, there are many working examples on this forum.

WHY IT keeps giving me this error ?

The error message is covering the input wiring so only you know.
Study working examples and figure it out :exclamation:

P.S. Maybe it’s because the ‘Sheets’ input is null?



Definitely true in the file you posted. What about all the other inputs? As I recall, OpenNest wants a list of curves with no branches.

Many examples if you look for them.

well this is the file again,my fault maybe i missent an older one (697.6 KB)
what do you mean no branches? so it wont work with trees?

Oh look, your breps don’t convert to curves. Because they are polysurfaces with holes in them!

why do they need to be curves?why cant i work with breps ?


I’ve been trying to tell you to follow working examples, like the one I posted, but you’re not doing that.

TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING MANY EXEMPLES BUT THEY ALL NOT THE SAME LIKE MINE , plus i didnt really understand because this is my first time using opennest (347.7 KB)
so please please please help me man

this is when i just give it rectangle and planar srf

i have a bigger problem i think

Several. (350.9 KB)

thank you sir ,but theres one more problem i want all breps that have their center have the same Y value to be in their own rectangle you know? like in this picture here :

plus i just loaded your work and didnt change anything,it didnt work

:rofl: Obviously it works great for me, I can’t help you, good luck.