Open Teaching Material for Introduction to Programming with Python Rhino

Hello Rhino community!

:snake::snake:We wanted to share with you all the open-source and free teaching material from our course "AR-327"** which is an **hands-on programming course for designers (the coursebook) taught at bachelor level at EPFL:snake::snake:.

The main goal is to transmit to students a computational thinking in design via the use of text programming. The course is designed for absolute beginners in programming and we stick to Python in Rhino to learn programming basics.

There are plenty of material and exercises on the bottom pages. Solutions will be out every Thursday untill ~June 2024.

If you want to start learning programming in Rhino, hope this free material will give you a hand. :pray:


Authors: Andrea Settimi (@andrea.settimi ), Damien Gilliard, Joseph Tannous (IBOIS, EPFL, 2024), big thanks for the contributions of past editions to Petras Vestartas (@Petras_Vestartas ), Nicolas Rogeau and Julien Gammerro. For more credits check out the About page.