Open source?

Hi Andrew,
first of all thank you for your work on this essential plugin!
I think it is hard to imagine using Grasshopper without it.

I wanted to ask whether you have any plans on making the source code public or at least what are the reasons for keeping it closed source.
It could be a really valuable reference for anyone interested in working with Rhino doc and it is a shame all this knowledge is not shared.


Hi Ondrej —
The only reason I do not take Human open source is merely because the codebase is a total mess. I wrote it before I had any understanding of source control and good code practices — it’s very patched together and sloppy under there :laughing: . If there’s a particular component you’re interested in I’d be happy to share the source code with you privately but I am hesitant to release it as an open source project (though I have with a number of projects to follow!)


If you get used to Wpf (or Eto), you could also ask on how to invoke this within a GH+Rhino Plugin. Human provides a very generic way in using WPF Controls in Grasshopper, but if you plan to actually create a very complex and case-specific GUI, then you can directly make use of whats Visual Studio is providing to you. However WPF is not the easiest GUI Framework around, especially if you go for a MVVM software pattern.

I believe he’s talking about Human, not Human UI, which IS open source :slight_smile:

ahh, I see :man_facepalming: Sorry…

I fully understand that code written 5-10 years ago would not be as appealing as it would be today. But human would also be a great learning resource to study C#, etc.

If you need any help preparing a messy codebase for release, I hereby volunteer to help clean it up, and get it into a readable state.

RhinoCycles code is open source, also bits and pieces still written ~6 years ago. Have at it. I can live with my mistakes and messes - maybe some day I get to clean it all. (:

if its not obfuscated, decompile it… :wink:

(and if its not explicitly prohibited to do so…)