Open nest with bigger object

Hi, with open nest I don’t know how to do when I have a bigger object than the sheet. I want to “cut” the bigger object but how with open nest? I hava to “cut” before in rhino. I tried with grasshopper but it’s hard. thanks a lot.



I suggest manually split this polygon in 2 smaller parts e.g. two half rectangles.

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This Anemone loop splits big parts to fit the sheet. (27.3 KB)

Curves are internalized, no need for Rhino file.

P.S. When I tried to process a list of parts, I quickly realized that a “fix” I made for the “bigger part” fails when applied to the pentagon shapes, so here’s a better solution, without Anemone: (28.2 KB)

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Thanks a lot. it’s very good with simple contour. I try with a panel with internal curves and it’s failed. I have a look on the grasshopper file but I don’t know where is the fail. thank you for your knowledge. I learn a lot and try to understand the differences between each component . I join the file with panel and internals curves.
TEST V2 BIGGER.3dm (84.9 KB)

Yeah, I’m not surprised. These parts are far more complex than simple rectangles! They contain nested curves, labels and line segments. OpenNest will fail with them too. And you changed the sheet size?

Why are you working so far from the origin?

I added the orange group to clean up the ‘Complex Parts’ (ignore curves that are not closed, region union to ignore “holes”) and it’s shown splitting your pieces for the original sheet (‘Sheet for Simple Parts’). The new sheet (‘Sheet for Complex Parts’) is big enough that no splits happen. (61.4 KB)

All curves internalized in this GH file, no need for your Rhino files.

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These parts are ok with Open nest ( use rhino object).
Ist’s very important to draw very near to the Origin?
I set a new size sheet to try.
Thanks a lot for your time.

Why are you working so far from the origin?

Because i have many panels and i draw each group of panels in différent part of my Screen.