Open MS access file

Hi Guy,
I have one MS access database how I can open or get data from this file ( *mdb) into grasshopper?
access file.rar (75.1 KB)

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If you figured it out; would love to hear how!

I’ve never done this, but I believe there’s a GH add-on that lets you read Excel data into GH. If you can find out how to do that it’s easy to export any Access table as an Excel spreadsheet and then import that.

I think that I’m a bit caught up in a downward portion of the Modified Dunning Kruger effect chart I’m working on a plug-in that has a library of data; I’ve been working on the ‘core’ component that accesses a .csv to do with as it needs. But there are some values on another sheet: a number of postal codes that influence some of the other data points. Perhaps I am overcomplicating something that has a much simpler solution than accessing the .mdb directly.

Access to (9.0 KB)
This is pretty bare bones but this script seems to work with the attached .accessdb above. Also requires jswan and a copy of the newtonsoft.json.dll for the C# script.

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