Online workshop/course for learning grasshopper

Hello does anyone know for an actual good online workshop/course for advance use of grasshopper in a logical price?

Hi, in order to become an advanced user of Grasshopper, you’ll need to be able to code. There is no way around it. And once you have a solid understanding about how to read library code and how to write your own script, many things will magically make sense to you. Any problem you might encounter, can then also be worked around with a custom solution.E.g. there is no more need to think about 3 edges to organize your data, you just define your own data structure.
My advice is always to understand the fundamentals. You’ll find many free, quality tutorials about programming. And in order to understand scripting with rich libraries, nothing beats writing your own library.
Same is true for math fundamentals. Read more about it by walking through the Essential Mathematics for Computational Design [McNeel Wiki]