Online course for Vray (advanced)


most of the things I’ve learned in Vray+Rhino are through tutorial and just experimenting.
Now I feel stuck, in order to go to the next level I would really need the help of some online course or advanced tutorial which are not there (?).
My main focus is architecture, exterior images and interiors.

Can you guys suggest some good courses for advanced lighting/material creation/ environment and so on ?


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There were good course by Grant Warwick and Viscorbel but they have ended their business.
I highly recommend Grant’s Mastering Vray but its pity that he ended this way. (He is DJ now. why?)
His contribution has changed Vray in several aspect by requiring Vlado to change this and that.
There are some courses that copied Grant’s tutorials but I can’t remember exactly.
Most Vray courses are targeting 3dsmax users but rhino Vray is following quickly except the help of 3rd party plug-ins like forest pack.

Thank you very much June!
I’ve followed this morning one free tutorial by Grant and was incredibly helpful (even if it was for 3ds Max)
Please, if you can remember other name, let’s share them!

Seems like I miss-remembered Corona course of Mogaphplus.
By the way, its under sale now.
Don’t know the quality of the course, but looks legitimate.