One single point which is closest to its vertices of irregular polygon

I draw an irregular polygon. How can I find one single point which is closest to its vertices?

Hope i got what you wanted

Closest (6.0 KB)

This is the internalised def
Closest (6.4 KB)

No, I don’t understand what you’re doing. Please elaborate your procedure.

You have extracted one of your polygon’s vertices , and from a bunch of points you want to find the one wich is closest to your verticy , that’s it

I select the polygon for curve, I place points on its vertices. Then I bake the closest point output. Nothing is shown. Please give step by step method.

from what you say I understand that you want one of two things:

  1. you have a polygon and a point, and you want to find which of the polygon’s vertices is closer to your point
  2. you have a polygon, and you want to find a point which by average is closer to all of the polygon’s vertices (in other words, it’s centroid) (11.1 KB)

If I understand your description correctly, then you can do as the attached…

Closest (11.9 KB)


The sum of distances between vertices and “center point” is usually less using Average of the points than using their Area (Centroid). (14.9 KB)

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I was sure it was the centroid! thanks for correcting me!