One range per point in random component

List above is good, input of just one range.
List below not good, input for every point another range, does not work.

I should have the samen amount of values, 256, not 256 multiplied by 256.
How can I fix this?

one range per (14.0 KB) (24.4 KB)

Thanks for that.
Do you also know how to get different seeds depending on the list length of the inserted ranges. Now, the seeds is 912, so within the all the ranges a similair z-direction is given.

I was thinking about random the seed numbers with another random component, but I cannot figure it out yet. (24.0 KB)

I’m not saying I’ve checked this thoroughly… Just a quick hack. (white group)

one_range_per_point_2018Feb21c (26.1 KB)