One by one surface join works but joining all gives naked edges

I have had this same problem several times.
Why it acts like this?
ctrl + a + join

picking few surfaces by clicking + join

There is no dublicate sufaces…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Upload a .3dm file with an example of the geometry which has this problem. You can upload by dragging the file to where you type a post, or by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post.

well i can confirm this by experience at least. often did i notice that joining everything seems to resort to a tighter tolerance compared to joining bit by bit. also it seems to make a difference if you start the join command first and then select, or preselect and join which also has a tighter tolerance.

one example where this might be more evident is here. try join on both curves, it will fail. now call join first then pick the two curves, it will ask you if you want to join, say yes and complete the command. voila suddenly (bruteforce) joined

join test.3dm (7.6 KB)

which brings us back to your example, you edges just might not be well enough within tolerance. sometimes things get a bit out of whack if you rebuild often extract curves etc. that can be so little that it get noticeable only in such situations as you show here.

Hi Wagner - can you send us a file? either here, or to, with a link back here in your comments. There are indeed some differences in how things are handled, particularly when selecting one by one and the result is closed. It may also matter what order things are processed.


I sent model to tech email :slight_smile:


I fixed the one overlapping, and now it joins edges similar…
But in any case it acts weird… I think it should join similar and show only that overlapping edges are naked.

Hi Wagner - I do not see any file from you so far.


Hi Pascal!

I got emails from Pedro Cortés .

And here part of our discussion:

It is not the case that I have naked edges or overlapping in THIS model. The case is that Rhino should not act like that…

If I have model, which has any naked edges, (except 1 overlapping with 2 naked edges), it should show 2 naked edges after joining. It should not to cut the model half and tell there is 20 naked edges, because before exploding there was only one overlapping naked edge. THIS IS THE CASE.

I love Rhino, because there is 99% change to fix problems. It is just very frustrating to fix and fix… If I compare to fe. Solidworks, sometimes it just says ”Error” (it refuses to do the order), in Rhino there is allways way to fix but it takes time (which is money).

I have no idea how to develope softwares, so this was just a case which is very frustrating for us and sample for you if you can try to ”fix” it. Like I said I have no idea about software development…

Thank you for your awesome customer help. It is absolutely 6/5 :wink: