Join naked edge or better

Hello all. im working on a project that has 848 surfaces and i need all of them offset 30mm to make a frame. the problem im having is that going thought all of them and doing join naked edge so that they offset as a whole unit is taking forever and the more i go into it the slower it gets when rejoining the surfaces when i break them apart to refresh the shape. is there an easy way to join all naked edges? I basically need this to be a solid so I cant have any of the multiple gaps I have from when it was given to me.

Hi Grant - Does plain old Join not succeed in joining the objects?


if I use join it will create 8 polysrfs and inside of those are surfaces that are fliped in different directions

there are also many naked edges within the polysrf

was able to find where to change absolute tolerance and that has helped but i still have surfaces in the polysrf that are flipped.

Hi Grant - this all sounds pretty messy - if you force Rhino to consider objects to be joined that are not within tolerance (JoinEdges) what does it get you?If you are looking for a valid joined up object that offsets nicely etc. then build it cleanly and within tolerance… I guess I’m not really picturing what the goal might be…


it gets me a crashed rhino :frowning: Im just trying got get all these surfaces to join into one clean polysrf so i can offset them all at once and keep the general shape.

Right, OK, but forcing this by knocking back tolerances or forcing out of tolerance edges to join is not going to make a clean polysrf. You need to Join at a reasonable tolerance - not larger than .01, depending on the scale, see where it’s not joining and then fix those edges so that they join at the requested tolerance. This may involve untrimming and re-trimming, extending and re-intersecting… etc.


so basically what you’re saying is im not allowed to cheat.

back to the grind then. thank you very much.