Olive tree with Grasshopper and Octane render

Hi All!
I would like to share with You my first fully parametric Olive tree made with Grasshopper and rendered with Octane render.
In the next future I will create a tutorial on my blog about the Grasshopper definition and the rendering with Octane:


I will be interested in seeing the grasshopper file.

Hi Jm,

unfortunately, I can’t share it.

I will create a tutorial on my blog at:


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Thanks :slight_smile:


Good job, it looks great.

awesome! thanks for sharing!

Simple pleasures in life can make you happier like these images.


Thanks to all!
I’ve made an update about the leaves. They were randomly rotated only around the normal plane of the branch. Now they are randomly rotated in the 3d space. I post it just to show the power of Grasshopper. This parametric change needed 5 minutes exactly!