Old Town Roofs

I hope it is useful, better is more subjective. I am not the cleaner coder but I like when tools work. And what I can say is that doing a robust tool is not easy. Rhino team has done excellent tools in Rhinocommon but sometimes little errors brings problem.
For example the tool Curve to Lines and Arcs is keep the tangency quite everywhere but sometime there is a little glitch. Perhaps it could be resolved by lowering the tolerances but I don’t want too much arcs for the Roof tool.
Here the tangency discontinuity using Grasshopper tool

But my medial axis tools find that

Just because of that

So I ended making a little tool to align the repair arc that are not well aligned (using Rhinocommon Blend tool with arc)
So now Medial axis are better.

From the last version for this new Year, I added some components.

Curve Region To Roof need Polycurve made with arcs and lines and oriented curves. So at the moment it is quite mandatory to use the 2 others components before.

CurvesRegionToRoof.gh (6.6 KB)
Medial axis are quite clean

In this other example you’ll have a new Font component, that can filter fonts. By default I try to output just single line fonts.

TextRoofMedialAxis.gh (8.9 KB)