4-sided roof

roof.gh (10.0 KB)
i want to create a 4-sided roof in this,any ideas?

Not on my pc now
Does this link help

no,that doesnt work for me,but thank you for the try
my problem is that i have a box with dimensions x,y,z with an area of 100m2
so x=slider from 5 to 20
how can i create a 4 sided roof of 30degrees that “transforms” as i change the slider(x)

If you work just with a rectangle it is simple geometry trigonometry.

here’s one imperfect solution.

roof.gh (19.9 KB)

BTW, angle should be in radians, I did not add it so it is up to you.

This is another way usingBoundary Volume.

roof_re.gh (15.0 KB)


How does BoundaryVolume choose which solution to pick? There are multiple solutions.

Oh, my bad, didn’t see you also create a surface from the rectangle.

thank you,it works as long as the float doesnt go higher than 10