Offsetting multiple curves in both directions - script


I need a script for offsetting multiple curves in both directions. Does anybody have one or is anyone able to create one for me?

I’m using Rhino for Windows.

Thanks in advance!!


Mitch has posted one here:

Hi Mitch

First of all, thanks a lot for helping!!!

What do I do with the .py file? I tryed to load i in Rhino “loadscript” but it failed?

I also tried to copy the sample into “editscript” but it also failed?


i dont know if python is installed as default on windows but if so, simply enter RunPythonScript into the command line, then navigate to that script and open it. if not, you have to install python which is pretty fast and easy usually.

Please do not install python. Rhino comes with a prebuilt install of Iron Python which does not have to be installed seperately. To run a python script use _RunPythonScript.

There are alternative methods outlined here.



Thank you so much, guys! It works and saves me so much time.


i am not sure if he has to :wink: