OffsetMesh bug?

Hi @Pascal,


when a mesh is offsetted Solid using _OffsetMesh command in Rhino 6 and the Flip all button is pressed once, the result is a mesh with inverted normals.

Regardless of the flip option usage, the preview is wrong. It shows a mesh with inverted normals but when the flip option is not used, it inverts the input mesh (if Delete input meshes is enabled) once completed. I wonder where is the logic ?


Checking, thanks…
@clement - I see the first bit - the inverted normals, that is clearly a bug, but I do not follow the second part yet, about the preview - preview is wireframe, here, no indication of normal direction… I think I am missing the point of your comment…

RH-63498 Offsetmesh: Normals inverted


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Hi Pascal, yes you are right about my second complain. I’ve tested this with very small offset distances on a large mesh and it appeared to look like inverted preview. So the preview is not a problem(*), only the inverted result.

(*) would it be possible that the _-OffsetMesh command disables preview when the dialog is suppressed ?

thanks for the report,