Offset trim and fillet curves

How to trim and fillet multiple curves to create one closed curve?
Change this:

into this:

In this case, you can do something like this:

S (18.7 KB)


Thanks! It works great. Any idea how to fillet sharp edges?

Just use the fillet component?

When using just fillet component not all edges are fillet.

Providing a file with your geometry to test makes it easier for others to help you out. In the original example you gave (which Mahdiyar kindly recreated for you) the fillet component works.

Have a look at this topic:

Files in attachement.
rym1.3dm (45.7 KB) (11.9 KB)

I think the control points in these corners prevent the fillet from working here. I’d call this a bug but perhaps @DavidRutten knows about a workaround. Filletcorners in plain rhino doesn’t work here either. Fillet does work when selecting the correct curves.

I found a workaround by joining and offset curves in one direction, then opposite.

It doesn’t work in all cases so it would be nice if there was some other more handy solution.
Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

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The bullet proof solution is to use Clipper plugin. The drawback is it outputs polyline

Nice plugin but Curved shapes are not supported, and are translated to polylines in the command.
Even after fillet It is not fully curved. I need it to be curves made from circles.
It also produces strange results at sharp corners.

You have to use the good option 0 1 or 2. For round corner … See also tolerances
It is also better that you transform yourself curve to polyline

Here a solution with Clipper with multiple offset to smooth. (13.4 KB)


Nice but as I wrote before I need it to be made of circles. In original offset component there are almost same radii.

In Clipper there are no curves just small straight lines.

Since your .3dm file is saved from rhino6 , I have traced the curve manually to show the fillet, using dicountinity and curve point
components. Here is one of the way to create fillet on curve by applying
" fillet with a parameter "component .

rym1_ Fillet (13.1 KB)