Offset surface created extra surfaces

Hi there,

I was offsetting my ring with 1mm thickness, and somehow it created extra surfaces/“stairs” on the original surface. How should I correct it?
There are no naked edges, just hurts my eyes…

squaresignets.3dm (2.5 MB)

Hi Eszter - that is going to be tough to offset cleanly - I’d think about building this as a solid shape - that is, no finger hole - then trim that out with a circle or cylinder. By forcing the edges of your surfaces to conform to the circle, you’re making surfaces that have sheared or skewed UV directions and non-tangent edges. You also need to make sure that the surfaces that are meant to be tangent or, if you are planning on offsetting later, Curvature continuous is probably better, truly are tangent.


I am with @pascal, build your main surfaces first. then offset those to get basic structure. The angled wall and middle walls can be built after. Then extrude & trim for your finger opening.

You have curves to work with from your original model. Also make the shank straight at the bottom then fillet the outside edge.


okay, thank you, I’m trying now! Still struggling, but getting there

How can I build them up? I guess that’s the end process.

Duplicate edges from existing geometry .

You cam make all top edges and curves planar by using SetPoints

Select surface edges by using Control+Shift on Windows (Cmd+Shift-Mac) then setPts in z-axis to get planar.


squaresignets_play.3dm (3.1 MB)

Here’s where I am now. I don’t really get how to make the profile… (?)

Start with your curves flat in 2d then extrude to get outside surfaces.