Offset direction

I’m trying to change the direction my offset. In figure A is the result of my code, however, I want the offset to be in the direction of figure B.
I am having difficulty solving this in my code.

        Here is my code:

        var go = new Rhino.Input.Custom.GetObject();
        go.SetCommandPrompt("Select object");
        go.EnablePreSelect(true, true);
        go.GetMultiple(0, 0);

        if (go.CommandResult() != Result.Success)
            return go.CommandResult();

        var selected_objects = go.Objects().ToList();
        foreach (var obj in go.Objects())
            Point3d point1 = new Point3d(obj.Curve().PointAtStart.X + 0.2, obj.Curve().PointAtStart.Y, obj.Curve().PointAtStart.Z + 0.2);
            var curve1 = obj.Curve().Offset(point1, Vector3d.ZAxis, 2, doc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance, CurveOffsetCornerStyle.Sharp);
            foreach (var offset_curve in curve1)
                Guid id = doc.Objects.AddCurve(offset_curve);

It looks like you’re trying to translate the curve in the image. Offset is another operation.

Of course menno, I was not aware of this.
Using translate works 100%.