Offset curve in wrong direction


I got a cube that I want to create some windows, the problem is that the offset of the panel is going in the opposite way in two faces even if the normals of the 4 faces are correct (see pic 1,2)
This is happening in this simple example and also in more complex geometry (see pic 3)
How can I fix this so the offset always goes in the same direction?

Thanks for your attention


Just use the normals of each individual window surface, not the facade normals to construct your offset planes.


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World-xy-plane might be not very relyable for offsetting in this case. Just connect the crvs planes.


btw with the clean tree-component you could get rid of the empty branches in your def.

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yeah that was it,thanks for taking the time to reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

One way to make sure curves all offset in the same direction is to run them through flip curve, with one of the input curves as a guide curve. More reliable than that is to use Sasquatch’s “flip curve clockwise” component", which avoids the possibility that the guide curve goes the wrong way in definitions intended to be usable with a wider variety of inputs.

I dont understand why even thought mi original brep has the correct normals (black vectors in image) the brep | plane component creates funky seams in the resulting curves (green vectors in image)

this causes problems because when I try to extrude inwards the resulting windows some of them extrude outwards so I used the flip component to fix the incorrect normals using the normals of the original geometry, dont know if its the slickest approach but it works for me :laughing: