How do I offset the curve on the surface?

Hello all experts and non-experts to the giant engineering and artistic software, Rhino; that is one of the few topmost software in industry and art world.

Despite its high complexity, numerous techniques, and applications, it is fast and easy to use, and it is the most significant advantage of Rhino to the competitor engineering software.

Moving, rotating, changing the viewports, drawing lines, polylines, curves, 3d curves, and many other shapes accurately are fast in Rhino. That is why I put it on top of other similar engineering software.

Of course, what I described very briefly and insufficiently are not the only advantages of Rhino, and there are so many facilities and techniques in this great software that make it the most favorite engineering and artistic software in the world.

A handful of different Rhino plugins that each one can be considered as an independent software solely, and like a group of colorful jewels make the golden ring of Rhinoceros more beautiful.
Grasshopper; the masterwork and unique application of Rhino! It has mixed programing and drawing wonderfully and accurately as we can not find a similar thing in other engineering software. (sadly, I can not work with this great application because my knowledge and experience are not enough in this way).

My last word is, " Due to the pointed and untold advantages of Rhino is in the top.

well let me I have a personal question:

Is it possible I can offset the curve on the surface as it is situated on the surface wholly?

Not sure but might the command _OffsetCrvOnSrf will work for you here?

Otherwise it is also possible to _Pipe the curve with a radius equal to the offset and intersect the pipe surface with your base surface…

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I wonder why I was so careless that I didn’t see the command OffsetCrvOnSrf or search for that before?!

It did work, and I could create the second curve. The defect on the second curve (unwanted and irregular part of the second curve on the top) is because of my drawing initially, and the two sides of the first curve were not balanced (mirrored), and I drew it visually.

Thank you so much, sir :slight_smile: