Oculus Quest 2 and Rhino

I would like to check out VR in Rhino (and Rhino models in VR). I have an Oculus Quest 2, but (or: and therefore) I do not have a whole lot of money.

Do anybody have a suggestion what software to start with?

Hi @nfoldager
It really depends on what kind of features you are looking for. If it’s a very simple, quick setup, one of the easiest - and cheapest - ways is Simlabs VR plugin. If it’s a more feature rich VR experience you are looking for, Twinmotion is an option, and I believe that Enscape has a VR module as well - but I’ve never used Enscape, so let’s hope someone else chimes in. Twinmotion is expensive, but if it’s not for commercial use, maybe the free version will suffice.
The Simlab plugin is ~10€ a month, I think. It’s a simple one-click solution, that will launch the Simlab viewer on either desktop (classic FPS-style) or on your Quest, or you can save the file to the included cloud storage and launch it directly on your Quest untethered.
There’s probably many more options out there!
HTH, Jakob